Santa Clara County Office of Education

Why Take the Pledge

I took the pledge

What does your name mean to you, your family, and the rest of the world?

Since each of us is unique, our name is tied to our identity. We would not wish to have our names changed or mispronounced. If you believe that all students have the right to be called by the names that represent their identity and culture, begin by asking them how they would like their names to be pronounced. Agree to respect students’ names.

About the My Name, My Identity Campaign

What does your name mean to you? We receive our names from beloved family members or special people who are close to our family. We may be named after a family member, a saint, or a positive personality characteristic. Our name may recall an event, tell where the stars were at our birth, or state an aspiration of our future.
Since each of us is unique, so is our name. Because our name is tied to our identity, we would not wish to have our names changed or mispronounced. When our name is changed or unintentionally mispronounced, it is a misrepresentation of who we are -- because our name represents our identity.
As our world becomes increasingly connected, cross-cultural communication increases. We interact with more people from diverse backgrounds and experiences, many with different languages and ethnicities. Having the ability to effectively communicate with others who are different from ourselves opens up possibilities for deeper understanding and friendship based on mutual respect. It is also an essential skill in the 21st century.
School is a community, which prepares our students to succeed in the global world. To be an effective member of this global world, we can model respect for each other in the school community by learning about each other’s stories, our unique names, and their proper pronunciations.

Objectives of this Campaign

  1. Bring awareness to the importance of respecting one’s name and identity in schools as measured by the number of community members making a pledge to pronounce students’ names correctly
  2. Build a respectful and caring culture in school communities that values diversity as measured by my name stories posted on social media