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Take Action

Global Competence framework provided by the Center for Global Education, Asia Society

Globally competent students are able to take action in the following ways:

Teacher's Guide for "Take Action"

This section of the resources is intended to support individuals who have made the pledge to encourage students to take actions, use the tools to pronounce others' names correctly and to encourage others to take the pledge. Some of the resources listed here could address one or more aspects of global competence: Investigate the World (IW), Recognize Perspectives (RP), Communicate Ideas (CI) and Take Action (TA).



An online social network that enables users to build connections by exchanging short messages. Twitter (IW, RP, CI, TA)

Forvo is a great web tool (and App) to learn how to pronounce words from a wide array of categories including common words, phrases and people’s names.  The App is called, "Forvo Pronunciation". (TA)

Guiding Tech: 4 Useful websites to help you pronounce names correctly features four possible tools a teacher, parent or student may use to help learn the correct pronunciation of a name they wish to use. Within the article are the links to all 4 sites. (TA)

How to Pronounce is a great web application to get the audio and text pronunciation, meaning and other information related to wiki pages, synonyms and antonyms for the searched word. (TA)

NameCoach provides a simple and effective solution for name pronunciation: users voice-record their names online so others can easily learn and remember how to say them. A badge is created that can be attached to any online profile or website. (TA)

VoiceThread is an online tool that allows users to upload media and comment through a variety of methods and creates a global audience for student work in a safe environment. (IW, RP, CI, TA)

Pronounce by VOA News is one of the great free web tools for learning more about pronunciation of places and names. Founded in 2000, this Pronounce tool has a plethora of words and names to find from. (TA)

Pronounce Names is another popular free web tool that allows you to interpret the phonetic pronunciation of different types of names. (TA)


Individuals can also take action based on the commitments stated in the pledge.


10 Tips to Promote Global Citizenship in the Classroom, Suggestions for assemblies, activities and goals to stimulate global citizens. (TA)

Education for Global Citizenship, Oxfam's guide to building a global citizenship curriculum that includes knowledge and understanding, skills, values and attitudes. (IW, RP, CI, TA)

Names Do Matter, by Sara Wicht - Another perspective on names of individuals, schools, monuments and a perspective on naming them. (IW, RP, CI, TA)

Tear Down That Wall: Joining the Global Classroom Community to Instill Global Citizenship, An article that identifies plans and programs to build an atmosphere of global citizenship in the classroom. (TA)


Peace Corps. (2013). Building Bridges: A Peace Corps Classroom Guide to Cross-Cultural Understanding. A classroom guide designed for teachers to create a more globally aware and globally competent classroom. Lessons for Grades 6-12 National Geographic Education Foundation. (IW, RP, CI, TA)